Monday, 6 December 2010

Super delayed blog giveaway!

Hello thar,

First off, a huge apology is in order. This blog post is 2-3 months late, i have had issues accessing the internet, my own computer and a I decided to finally just get this done with, without pictures. You’ll have to just trust me I guess.

The GOOD news however is that I am now doubling the amount of stuff to give away. So for giving away we have; 6 Dark Elf Cold One Knights (The old metal ones, including a Lord, champion and Standard - was originally meant to be 10 but 4 have gone AWOL.), 20 Bauhaus Warzone troopers (From the Warzone miniatures line -

In addition, to represent the two month delay and to celebrate Island of Blood (Yes, old news, but still...) I have one painted Vermin Lord and one Eltharion on Stormwing model to give away. This means 4 winners!

Rules - From John at SCW:
1. you must have a blog.
2. you must have something worthwhile to offer up to give away for free.
3. if you win, you must hold your own blogsite give away using the same rules to pay it forward.
4. you must contact us with a link to your give away so we can send bloggers to your site.

Closing date is the 6th January. <--Check this out.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Contact detail errors


Just a quick thingymogic- i'm having issues with my google accounts used for the blog. I have 2 email addresses, one registered to here and one which is gmail. So now I'll be posting as either Fynn Thompson or WalrusPaladin; it depends on which email the computer has decided to log me in on!

Apologies for any confusion.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Super Blog Chain Giveaway! Hooray!

I found out today upon coming home that there were not one, but 3 winners of Santa Cruz Warhammers chain blog giveaway, furthermore, I was among them! Obviously I am very happy right now! The chain will be continued here on the 7th September once I am back at university.

Much love to Santa Cruz Warhammer for this, theyre a great group of hobbyists brimming with great work.



Sunday, 22 August 2010

It's been far too long!

...And that last post was a bit lame. I'm intending to get back into warhammer and blogging about it within a week or so, i just need to sort a camera out. I have plenty of painting to do and loads of ideas for this coming year. I tend to work on academic years, this will be year 2 of university. It should be year 3, but i went off the rails a bit.


On the table at the moment is a Mordheim warband, just to ease myself back into modelling and painting. I've been reading through the Citadel 'How to paint citadel minatures' book, to try and standardise my technique somewhat. I tend to be very messy and chaotic when i paint, and felt i should relearn with being out of the habit for so long.

My first attempts:

Pascal, Thierry and Henry, three Bretonian Longbowmen formerly in the employ of Sir Charles Du'Gallia. They were caught poaching on His Lordships estates by the gamekeeper, whom they proceeded to tie up and gut to prevent their arrest and execution. However, they were found out, and fled over the Grey Mountains into the Empire, where they found employ with Captain Tobias Draughoff and his warband.

The rest of the band is converted and ready for pre painting.

Here we have the full warband.

Swordsmen Mauriac, Heimdall and Jack'o'Nine. Mauriac is an exiled Nobleman from Marienburg, who killed an influential Burgomeisters son due to the vile boy raping Mauriacs sister. The Burgomeister, crazed with vengance and warproot, had Mauriacs family put to death in a horrific fashion. Mauriac was able to escape, and now is on a quest for vengance throughout the Empire.
Heimdall hails from Norsca, or rather a small Norscan village which was established on the northern shores of the Empire. It was burned to the ground by the Governor of Nordland's forces, and now Heimdall silently walks with Tobias's men, seeking only death in battle, either of himself or his enemies. He carries two Claymores with ease, hacking all who oppose him to shreds.
Jack'O'Nine is Sartosan, a buccaneer without care nor remorse. That was until he stole from the Pirate Lord Alcante, Terror of the Black Gulf. Alcante set out a price on his head for the theft of the Red Oyster, a Oyster so juicy and delicious that Jack could not resist it, and consumed it whole. If caught, Jack will suffer the rest of his days aboard a slave ship, chained to the death oars, those which never stop rowing.

Wilhelm and Ernst Draughoff,the sons of Tobias. Wilhelm is the eldest aged 20, and follows closely his fathers ways, drinking and whoring. He uses a vicious axe, helm and shield in battle, and tends to hit first and ask questions later, a trait which has got him into trouble many a time. Ernst is quiet and slight for a 17 year old, and prefers to attack his enemies from behind with two cruel daggers. He can usually be found away from the main camp, torturing some small rodent and grinning into fires.

Tobias Draughoff, Heinrich and Troe. Tobias was once a Captain in a mercenary company, but was ousted by younger and smarter captains. He idolises animals for their fighting prowess, and him and his bodyguards are collectively known as the 'Bear Knights'. Tobias weilds a finely crafted hammer known as the Howling hammer, due to its hilt being made from the Horn of a chaos champion Tobias slew during the seige of Praag. Heinrich and Troe were Tobias' finest sergants during his days as a mercenary captain, and decided to remain with him after his employment was terminated. In reality, they had nowhere to go; they returned to their hometowns to find them destroyed by the chaos incursion that ruined Praag, and so joined Tobias' small warband for gold and nothing more.

If you look at the pictures you'll notice the greenstuff work really isnt up to scratch! I'm really interested in getting into sculpting, and would be extremely interested in any tips or tricks people have when it comes to sculpting.

Thanks for reading,


Wednesday, 10 March 2010

More eBay - Warhammer Fantasy Orcs and Goblins.

4 More eBay auctions, this time -

Orc and Goblin Horde:

OOP Azhag the Slaughterer:

OOP Grom the Paunch:

OOP Hobgoblah Khan:

Updates as usual once I have managed to spare the money for a Russ...

eBay sale - 40k Ork Horde.

Long time no post, work on the army is continuing very slowly. I guess its become bogged down in masses of infantry, where what i really need is tanks. Current plans are to mod a leman russ into a Mark IV WW1 Tank, to buy/build a basalisk, and convert 2 hellhounds from ork trukks.

Onto the ebay:

An Ork Horde, semi painted, mostly from Assault on Black Reach.

1 Warboss (Metal)
1 Warboss (Plastic, 5th Ed)
40 Boys (5th Ed)
10 Nobs (5th Ed)
45 Gretchin (2nd Ed)
~30 Boys (2nd Ed)
5 Deffkoptas
3 Bikes

Sold as shown. Included are some bits (Not shown) due to some models missing parts.

I also have in my collection a fair few Rogue Trader era models (Some Kommandos, A few Meganobz, Ghagskull, Traktor Kannon, boys) Which i will be listing on ebay over the next week.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

1st Platoon Progress - now with bases!

Today, I spent a good hour or so basing the 1st platoon, making a captain for the 1st platoon command, and finishing my master of ordnance conversion. Without further ado, pictures!

1st Platoon command, the Captain is converted.

2nd squad legs; im keeping the parts seperate until I have painted them all, then I'll be assembling them. I'm still trying different methods of painting, to see what works best. The bases are made with cork chunks, basing sand and wire wrapped around a pencil to resemble barbed wire, which is stuck down with green stuff. As this platoon is designed for assault, I wanted them to look as though theyre legging it across a no-mans land. The 2nd platoon will be based in trench-style bases, to reflect their defensive role.

Master of Ordnance conversion, using parts from the command spurue and a space marine head. The bases are primarily made from cork, with some plasticard for planking. I want the company command to be based on these, to resemble them being in a command trench of some description.

And now, painted stuff!

1st Platoon, 1st Squad. they are more or less done, I just need to paint the Sarges' power sword, and do a couple of touch ups. I could also use a metal paint, the ones i have are stuck shut. Damn students salary is preventing me from free reign over paints and brushes. In fact, all this was done with 3 brushes, none of which are in a good condition!

This is an experiment in green stuff backpacks and bedrolls. I may very well do the same thing for all of them.

And a couple of random pictures:

the full platoon WIP.

"You will die, when I say, you must die, back to the front!"

Standard Infantryman of the Sculfleet 1st's gear.

Overall I'm happy with progress made. I think I'm going to take a break from troops, and paint the MoO and Commander. I enjoy doing individual models as opposed to blocks of rank and file.