Wednesday, 10 March 2010

eBay sale - 40k Ork Horde.

Long time no post, work on the army is continuing very slowly. I guess its become bogged down in masses of infantry, where what i really need is tanks. Current plans are to mod a leman russ into a Mark IV WW1 Tank, to buy/build a basalisk, and convert 2 hellhounds from ork trukks.

Onto the ebay:

An Ork Horde, semi painted, mostly from Assault on Black Reach.

1 Warboss (Metal)
1 Warboss (Plastic, 5th Ed)
40 Boys (5th Ed)
10 Nobs (5th Ed)
45 Gretchin (2nd Ed)
~30 Boys (2nd Ed)
5 Deffkoptas
3 Bikes

Sold as shown. Included are some bits (Not shown) due to some models missing parts.

I also have in my collection a fair few Rogue Trader era models (Some Kommandos, A few Meganobz, Ghagskull, Traktor Kannon, boys) Which i will be listing on ebay over the next week.

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