Wednesday, 5 August 2009

1st Platoon Progress - now with bases!

Today, I spent a good hour or so basing the 1st platoon, making a captain for the 1st platoon command, and finishing my master of ordnance conversion. Without further ado, pictures!

1st Platoon command, the Captain is converted.

2nd squad legs; im keeping the parts seperate until I have painted them all, then I'll be assembling them. I'm still trying different methods of painting, to see what works best. The bases are made with cork chunks, basing sand and wire wrapped around a pencil to resemble barbed wire, which is stuck down with green stuff. As this platoon is designed for assault, I wanted them to look as though theyre legging it across a no-mans land. The 2nd platoon will be based in trench-style bases, to reflect their defensive role.

Master of Ordnance conversion, using parts from the command spurue and a space marine head. The bases are primarily made from cork, with some plasticard for planking. I want the company command to be based on these, to resemble them being in a command trench of some description.

And now, painted stuff!

1st Platoon, 1st Squad. they are more or less done, I just need to paint the Sarges' power sword, and do a couple of touch ups. I could also use a metal paint, the ones i have are stuck shut. Damn students salary is preventing me from free reign over paints and brushes. In fact, all this was done with 3 brushes, none of which are in a good condition!

This is an experiment in green stuff backpacks and bedrolls. I may very well do the same thing for all of them.

And a couple of random pictures:

the full platoon WIP.

"You will die, when I say, you must die, back to the front!"

Standard Infantryman of the Sculfleet 1st's gear.

Overall I'm happy with progress made. I think I'm going to take a break from troops, and paint the MoO and Commander. I enjoy doing individual models as opposed to blocks of rank and file.


  1. They're brilliant mate, I'm almost regretting not getting pigiron heads myself. The really mate the models stand out, especially when they're painted as good as yours.

    Oh, and your thought of the day and quartermaster comments are great.

  2. I love the page of notes here at the bottom of the post. That's great.