Friday, 31 July 2009

1st Platoon Bombadiers/Company Commander

So, I finally finished deciding on the colour scheme and painted up the first squad of the army, a special weapon squad with 3 grenade launchers. I am also going to be mega sneaky, and make up more special weapons from the command and platoon sprues, and use the snap-fit guardsmen to take their place in their respective squads. That way, I can have the option of using the different special weapons.

I have also started a Company Commander conversion. Merchant-General James Scrymgeour, commander of the 1st Sculfleet, is of the most noble lineage of Scrymgeour, and 5th in line to the throne. He weilds an imperial issue power fist, and a weapon of archaic design known as the "Gauntlet of Ferrus' Wrath". It is a Space Marine designed power fist which has had its power supply rerouted to a plasma conduit to provide him with a powerful, albeit unstable, ranged weapon. The Merchant-General gained this odd weapon while engaged in combat alongside Space Marines of the Hellions of Steel chapter. Sculfleet forces fought with such ferocity in battle, that the Hellions took many soldiers aboard their Battle Barges stationed in orbit for treatment. James, having had his left arm torn off by a Chaos Space Marine, recieved a mechanical transplant, the Gauntlet in question.

For some reason the pictures of the conversion came out really badly!

- Closeup of the 'Gauntlet of Ferrus' Wrath'


  1. I like the WWII look to them. Are they PigIron heads? Will you be added entrenching tools as well to keep to the theme?

    Keep posting.


  2. The heads are from West Wind Productions (, they do lots of different WW2 heads as part of their 'Secrets of the Third Reich' range. I'm hoping to make some backpacks with various implements such as bedrolls, canteens etc from plasticard, green stuff and existing parts from the sprue.

    Thanks for the comment, though the idea for the army was nicked from !

  3. Nice job, what are you going to do for their bases?

  4. I say chaps, time to go over the top, what?

    Nice looking troops. I use West Wind Blood Pact heads for my Blood Pact,


  5. Like the look and a nice spin on the IG.


  6. "Nice job, what are you going to do for their bases?" - Ahah! See the newest post, barbed wire and muddiness ahoy...

    Thank you for all the comments, I really appreciate them!