Monday, 13 July 2009

Beginnings of the Green Legion

So, at long last, my first detachment of Imperial Guard have arrived! Sadly, I dont have any WIP pictures, due to my camera lacking a USB cable, but hopefully this will be remedied tomorrow.

I have started removing the mould lines and putting together 25 Guardsmen of 1st Platoon, it is going well. I am thouroughly impressed by the cadian command sprue, the amount of options is fantastic. I am going to save the special weapons until i have parts to build spare guardsmen, which should be once i build 2nd Platoon (Autocannons in each squad mean 2 squaddies are not needed).

In other news, I managed to pick up a Fisher Price building which is completely modular, in that the floors, walls and rooves are interchangeable, for £2. With a little plasticard work, it will become a Bastion and command center for my new army!

Hoepfully tomorrow I'll have some pictures to post.

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