Friday, 17 July 2009

First few models, plus fortress based shenanigans.

So, i finally have a working camera (though no lightbox yet, its just one thing after another!), and lo, there are now some crappy definition pictures to show!

This is a bunch of fisher price toys that i picked up for £2; i figure with a little plasticard, it will make a decent bastion/factory, and a pair of gun emplacement anderson shelter type things. Perfect for Planetstrike, who needs and Imperial Bastion kit! (Though they do look damned nice!)

Here we have two different colour schemes. I have decided on the greener one, as opposed to the khaki. I may use the khaki uniform with drab brown armour for artillery or tank crews though. The main colours used are Humbrol dark green acrylic for the armour, highlighted with codex grey for some weathering (i'm out of gunmetal, and cant afford new paints!), the uniform is gretchin green which is to be highlighted with a 50/50 mix of that and bleached bone. I also used a couple of layers of brown wash, it makes the lower areas of the uniform look slightly dusty and muddy.

The first squad and a special weapons squad are converted and ready to paint, though I am considering adding backpacks made from random bits to them. I wouldnt mind going in a slightly steampunk direction, especially for the heavy weapons where a big bulky backpack is somewhat warranted.

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